A mohawked rooster and some lovely fringes for my heart

A house I would love to live in

"License plates" bed sheets....and a cat

Simple rituals

From artist to artist

Angel(ed) day

Three ways to make a person happy


Today I`m "Baby blue" for the music

Quality time measured in steps

The way a true friend and a mother can put a big fucking smile on your face and heart

First steps towards my dear art

My new eating bowl

Boar spare wheel

Pin-up "dance on bar" bra power

Cartoon lover

Totally dezmăţ

Friendship is forever

Crafty, cropped, Dorothy like, red shoes for my mommy

Because every soul needs a rescue sometime

Some of Milka's mascots visited me today at the office

2 x crappy romanian language translation

We all are angels....someday

50 year old pillowcase sewed by my aunt

Pretty food is gone O_o

Girls always know how to do it ;)

Especially for sopranos

Simple gestures make my life wonderful

A soprano`s ride from Cluj home