Love conquers all!

When everything goes your way....

Forever ( perfect ) autumn

That`s how Vidya became famous

Small Mamba sweets for big full-of-art kids

I`m taken

Sweets from the heart and talks from the soul

Life is about (enjoying) the #BOING

Dear New York.... Her face is the map of the world...

Long forgotten rum....

Blonde Pomegranate hair :)

A little makeup session never killed,never hurt nobody II --Vidya`s day

A little makeup session never killed,never hurt nobody--Satine`s day

Remember me...or at least try...

Mint Tea much?

Where the wild horses run....

All the small things....

Color me pretty

We have ourselves a visitor

( Melya`s ) Sacrifices for art

Warmth for a heart on winter

280 km,coffee and friends

Perfect double date

Requiem ( for a dream )

Break the unbreakable

Release the beast

My legs are waiting for Christmas

Day off with lots of Melya

You`re`re`re`re pretty